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OptionMatters.ca is a blog about the Canadian options market. Our goal at OptionMatters is to share information and insights concerning the use of options in various market conditions. OptionMatters is part of the educational mandate of the Montréal Exchange to assist you in perfecting your risk management skills.

All of the bloggers on OptionMatters are either employees of the Montréal Exchange or long-time collaborators. OptionMatters welcomes your comments and questions. And we do our best to answer them as thoroughly and quickly as possible even if blogging is not a full-time job for us.

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5 Responses to “About OptionMatters”

  1. JJ Says:

    Kudos to MX for the recent changes.An absolutey refreshing look for the blogue.

  2. Josh Says:

    CIBC’s losses should result in a serious reshuffle at the top,Regardless of what the CEO says.

  3. Joshua Says:

    This a personal message to mr.Richard Croft,I just want him to be in the know regarding CIBC derivatives business,i had a personal experience with the Options and Futures team at CIBC world markets and honestly,i’m ashamed to have their name on my resume or anywhere near my career,Someone should try and step up regualtion of the industry so that only licensed professionals are allowed in and protected from unqualified senior
    co-workers who literally don’t know the difference between a call and phone call..
    I’m sorry i had to bring this to this Blog.but if industry participants don’t work together to uncover shenanigans in their early stages they are to balme for failing to prevent catastrophies like Orange county or Barings bank.

  4. Walid Says:


    I have a few questions for Mr. Richard Croft.

    1- Do you think the markets have reached their lowest point yet.I have a feeling that this is the best buying oppertunity since the Fed’s rate cut,the next FOMC meeting will further cut rates by 25 bips and the markets could see a serious rebound.

    2- Is there a discount broker out there that you prefer to do business with, someone you trust and recommend to your enthusiasts,the reason why i’m asking is the following.I applied for an account with Options express(I know how big Express is in the U.S)but the very last Sentence of the agreement goes like this(You should be aware that because we don’t have a place of Business in Ontario,you may have difficulty in enforcing any legal rights you have against us.)
    !!!!(Turn Off).. Any Thoughts on the Matter.

    3- Do you think its too late for a buy now that earnings season has unfolded most of its news(regardless),where do you see volatility next week.What strategy would you be selling or buying next week?
    Good Trading.

  5. Walid Says:

    First of all, i’d like to thank mr.Richard Croft for making derivatives seem more interesting and enjoyable,especially when he’s the guest BNN’s Market Call, i’ve also come across a few articles which i personally consider a wealth of information in a capsule compared to the dry and incomrehensible videos on CBOE options institute, I never really figured out what condors where about until i read his article on the matter.
    My question sir is do you think the Options and the Covered Call calculators are useful trading tools,do you ever consult them before pulling the trigger on a purchase or a write?
    My second question is do you favour far out-of-the-money options or near-the-money ones, in other words what is your risk tolerance level?

    Thank You

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