Two New Financial Education Initiatives

On February 28, 2012, MX launched two financial education initiatives on derivatives: the Options Trading Simulation and the Canadian Derivatives Exchange Scholars Program.

These two new educational programs originate from the MX Regulatory Division’s Special Committee and are financed through the Division’s Fines and Penalties fund. The Options Trading Simulation helps university students in finance become familiar with the Canadian options market, financial risk management and portfolio strategies. The Derivatives Exchange Scholars Program’s goal is to financially support graduate and post-graduate students whose research project deals with exchange-traded derivatives, financial risk management or another subject related to MX operations.

Options Trading Simulation

For undergraduate students, we designed a trading simulation focused on Canadian options. Each team will choose eight (8) securities from the 20 most active ones in order to construct an options portfolio with an initial value of $100,000. Each team will need to execute five (5) predefined trading strategies, including one surprise strategy on the 8th trading week. The team who follows the rules of the trading simulation and records the greatest gains after 10 weeks will win $10,000.

A virtual trading platform and portfolio dedicated to this simulation are in place. The first Options Trading Simulation will be held from October 1 to November 30, 2012, and the second simulation will be held during the university winter 2013 semester. For more information or to obtain the registration form, visit our website at

Derivatives Exchange Scholars Program

Each year for the next five years, MX will award scholarships to support graduate and post-graduate students whose research project is related to derivatives, financial risk management or another subject related to MX operations. The projects will be evaluated by a panel of judges, based on a set of criteria such as originality and innovation. Graduate recipients will be awarded $15,000 and post-graduates will be awarded $20,000.

Scholarships will be awarded for the academic year. Students who wish to receive a scholarship for the fall 2012 and the winter 2013 semesters must apply in May. For more information, visit our website at

Youth Ambassadors

The Montréal Exchange recruited seven (7) student ambassadors. Each “Youth Ambassador” will promote MX’s university partnership and act as a liaison with MX, the student community and the finance department teachers of their university.

These two finance education initiatives are part of MX’s strategy to position Montréal as Canada’s derivatives hub.

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